Hunting farm ALABAR

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Наше охот. хозяйство расположено в Республике Хакасия, Аскизский район

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Our farm is located in the picturesque South-Eastern part of the Kuznetsk Alatau, and in particular in the North-Eastern region of the Abakan ridge, bordered by the Khakas-Minusinsk hollow, which creates a transition from the steppe zone to the mountain taiga. There are beautiful, picturesque landscapes, mountain ranges and intermountain valleys covered with taiga. Our farm covers an area of 85,325 thousand hectares. In this area of trophy species inhabited by brown bear, deer, siberian roe deer, wild boar, wolf, wolverine, as well as other taiga inhabitants: grouse, partridge, sable and others... Read more
On the territory of the farm is a comfortable base with amenities: a warm bathroom, light, shower, bath.
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Весенняя охота на медведя
Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район
Охота с вышки, охота с лайкой, bait-hunting, hunting in siberia, hunting in the taiga, spring hunting
5 days, from 15.04.2020 till 31.05.2020
from 195
Охота на марала во время рева
Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район
Охота на реву, autumn hunting, hunting in siberia
Bear, black grouse, deer, grouse, wood grouse
5 days, from 01.09.2020 till 30.09.2020
from 195
Косуля сибирская на гону
Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район
Autumn hunting
Bear, siberian roe deer
5 days, from 25.08.2020 till 20.09.2020
from 195
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