The hunting area "Vainola" is located in north regions of Karelia

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The hunting area "Vainola" is the greatest place where you can enjoy hunting, fishing and beautiful north Karelian nature. The westnorthen boarder of hunting area is fitted to Internation checkpoint Suoperi not far from Kuusamo city. We can organize professional and personal bear and elk hunting for our friends from Finland and other countries of the world.
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осенняя охота на медведя
Республика Карелия, Калевальский район
Охота с лабаза, autumn hunting, bait-hunting, hunting in the taiga
3 days, from 01.08.2024 till 30.11.2024
from 134
Охота на лося
Республика Карелия, Калевальский район
Охота с подхода, охота с собаками, охота на севере, autumn hunting, hunting in the taiga, winter hunt
3 days, from 01.10.2024 till 31.12.2024
from 134
Лось на гону
Республика Карелия, Лоухский район
Охота на гону
3 days, from 01.09.2024 till 30.09.2024
from 134
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