A hunt for a wood grouse

Tumenskya oblast, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area
Организация охоты на ондатру, соболя, норку, горностая, лисы красной, росомахи, песца, выдры, бурого медведя, лося; в незначительных количествах есть рысь, волк, олень дикий.
Available: till 31.05.2024
Best time to hunt: April- May
Transfer: Extra charge

The 1st day – meeting at the airport, Saranpaul’ village, for two hours you make acquaintance with the village and goods’ purchase, then getting in off-road vehicle MTLB and going along the river Yatriya as far as the camp ( 35 km), overnight, the 2nd day – for the whole day fishing and hunting ( 70 km ), going by boat in the river Yatriya as far as lake Turupya to he main camp (mountain river with sandbars ). The 3d day – a rest, fishing, hunting in lake Turupya, Russian baths. The 4th day – travelling along the river Yatriya and the river Tuyakhlanya for a group, fishing, hunting, overnight there. The 5th day – fishing, hunting and going back to the camp in Turupya. The second group – going up the river Turupya with fishing, hunting ( overnight at the camp ). The 6th day – a rest at the camp, fishing, Russian baths. The 7th day – going down the river Yatriya as far as the first camp (fishing, hunting), by MTLB to Saranpaul’ village. The 8th day – departure.

An escort – three huntsmen who have meaningful experience in tour organization. Meals are in the main camp in

Turupya. Food is traditional, there is a smoker, bread is baked on the spot or brought with yourself.

Extra charge
Hunting area
Area: 347000 hectares
Hunting grounds are located in the mountain-hilly area of Polar Ural, bordering on the administrative border of Komi.
usual hunting lodges made from wood
Two times a week there is a helicopter flight from Priob'ye station. Four times a week from workers' settlement Berezovo (spring-summer-autumn period ) , winter road – from the end of December to April, motorway Yekaterinburg- Yugorsk- Agirish-Khulimsunt-gasway-Saranpul’ village ( passenger vehicle). There is a waterway- the river Lyapin- Igrim village-N.Naryikaryi- Priob'ye station.
Price includes
Authorization for a trophy, accommodation, service (light, firewood logging, meal preparation), food (flour, salt, sugar, potatoes, macaroni and cereals, tea, vegetable oil), the rest food is at your own cost.
Price doesn't include
Spirits. Tips. Insurance. Transfer. Russian baths.
Payment conditions
  • 50% of a tour price is made as a deposit for 5 days after deciding the date of hunting.
  • A final balance is paid 20 days before the hunt start.
Animal injury conditions
If a participant was given the right to shoot and he/she shot but failed to hit, 100% of payment is made for service.
A deposit isn't refundable, but it can be changed for another date by agreement with the hunting ground.
Duration: 8 days
Trophies: Extra
Hunters: 1-5
Guests: 0-4
for 8 days
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