A hunt for an elk on heat

Udmurtskaya Respublika, Igrinskiy district
Осуществляет охотхозяйственную деятельность на закрепленных охотничьих угодьях общей площадью 365 тыс. га.
Available: from 01.09.2024 till 30.09.2024
Transfer: Extra charge

An European elk is the largest wild hoofed animal in Europe. Udmurtia has already became one of the advanced hunting regions in the European part in Russia. The game size here is exemplary – up to fifteen elks in 1000 ha! According to official estimates Udmurtia has one the highest number of elks in Russia. Average weight of antlers here accounts for 7-10 kg, 12 kg is also not uncommon. Our record is 16 kg.

A hunt for an elk on heat is the most exciting and reliable way to get a long-expected trophy. A hunt is staged in the morning and evening time when elks the most frequently show their activity . An experienced huntsman finds an appropriate spot for hunting – an elk lek, then attracts a male elk imitating its roar. You can also make a noise, break branches and knock with antlers. Hearing the roar and noise, the elk goes out from its hiding place towards the rifleman and then the hunter shouldn’t miss his chance.

The tour price includes prepayment for a trophy equivalent to minimum trophy price. Prepayment is made according to the factual trophy evidence under the following pricelist: Antlers weight with a skull without a lower jaw, kg-price, rubles. Up to 5 kg – 25 000 r. 5,01-7 kg – 40 000 r. 7,01-9 kg – 50 000 r. 9,01 - 10 kg - 60 000 r. 10,01 - 11 kg - 70 000 r. 11,01 - 12 kg - 80 000 r. 12,01 - 13 kg - 90 000 r. From 13,01 kg - 100 000 r. A penalty on a wounded animal is 25 000 r. Trophy meat- 150 r./kg
Hunting area
Area: 50000 hectares
Hunt-working area “Zelenyi Bor” arranges hunting tours to Udmurtia LLC “Udmurthunt LLC” ( Igrinskiy district, village Igra). Elk density is 10 specimen upon 100 ha, annually we catch 10 elks on heat, trophy weight (antlers with a skull without a lower jaw after cooking is up to 15 kg. A huntsman’s escort – maximum 2 hunters for 1 huntsman.
Hunting camp
When it’s necessary a huntsman meets a hunter at the nearest settlement (e.g. village Igra) and accompanies him/her to the place of accommodation.
Price includes
  • Hunting service (a huntsman’s escort, transportation during hunting, trophy butchery, execution of veterinary documents)
  • Trophy prepayment
Price doesn't include
Accommodation, meals, Russian baths, transfer to the hunting ground, trophy preprocessing (cooking of antlers and skull)
Payment conditions
  • A tour is considered to be booked when prepayment at the rate of trophy and tour price ( hunting service + accommodation (as appropriate) + food (as appropriate) + transfer to the hunting ground (as appropriate) is made.
  • Trophy surcharge is made according to the factual trophy evidence on the last tour day.
Animal injury conditions
If a hunter has a wounded animal while hunting, prepayment sum of a trophy at the rate of 25 000 rubles is withheld as a penalty on wounded animal (service is paid for whether there is a trophy or not).
  • In case of refusal, the following procedure of sum refund paid as prepayment is used:
  • More than 40 days before the arrival day – 90% of sum;
  • From 40 to20 days before the arrival day – 50% of sum;
  • From 20 to 10 days before the arrival day – 10%;
  • Less than 10 days before the arrival day: sum isn't refundable.
Duration: 5 days
Trophies: Included
Hunters: 1-4
Guests: 0-4
for 5 days
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