A hunt for a maral on heat

Republic of Tyva Kaa-Khem kozhuun
Available: till 10.10.2023
Best time to hunt: 1-10.10
Transfer: Included

The hunt is held in the mountainous terrain of the taiga part of Tuva. The hunt consists of baiting males on wabu

to the position of the hunter, it may be possible to approach to roaring maral. Along the way, there is an opportunity

to get a wild boar, male Siberian roe deer, bear, wood grouse.

maral - 2000$ bear - 2000$ wild boar - 300$ roebuck - 700$ male musk deer- 700$ male elk- 2000$ wood grouse - 300$ black grouse, hazel grouse and hare –a present. Fishing on grayling, lenka, taimen is also possible .
Hunting area
Area: 132267 hectares
The hunting ground is located in the northeastern part of the Tuva taiga at altitudes up to 1900 m. Maly Yenisey River, Kyzyl-hem, Unzhey. The land is rich in red deer, roe deer, bear and boar. One can often meet moose, musk deer, lynx, wolves, wood grouse and black grouse here.
Размещение охотников осуществляется в базовом лагере в живописном месте на берегу реки Малый Енисей в устье реки Унжей. Имеется гостевой дом с 4 номерами на 2-х, обеденный зал, камин, санузел в доме, баня.
It is neccessery for the hunter to get to the city of Kyzyl, the capital of Republic of Tyva. either by plane or by train to the city of Abakan.
Price includes
  • The price includes transfer from the airport ( railway station) city Kyzyl / Abakan to the main camp and back.
  • Meals (three times a day), accommodation in the camp, maral trophy and its processing, preparation for transportation, guide, cook and ranger service, motorboat / boat rental.
Price doesn't include
Alcohol, tobacco goods and other specific goods and services.
Payment conditions
Prepayment in the amount of 10% of the tour price is made a month in advance.
Animal injury conditions
Wound and refusal from search of wounded animal, as well as a miss at a distance of less than 50 meters in the condition of good visibility is paid 50% of the cost of the trophy.
Penalty in the amount of 50% of the tour price is paid in case of refusal less than a month before the hunt starts. In the rest cases prepayment is not refundable.
Duration: 10 days
Trophies: Included
Hunters: 1-4
Guests: 0-4
2 967
for 10 days
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Payment conditions
Prepayment in the amount of 10% of the tour price is made a month in advance.