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Республика Алтай, Усть-Коксинский район
Угодья охотничьего хозяйства "Уч-Сумер" раскинулись на 120 тысячах гектаров в Усть-Коксинском районе Республики Алтай среди живописных гор.
Available: from 01.08.2024 till 30.11.2024
Transfer: Extra charge

We offer trophy hunting tours for brown bear, maral, Siberian roe deer, Siberian ibex.


Hunting season: from April 1 to May 31, autumn period.

Kinds of hunting: Hunting – bait-hinting, ”on the way”, and "on oats".

Brown bear is the largest and the most dangerous predator in the Altai. Hunting for a bear is one of the most difficult, extreme and prestigious types of hunting. Hunting for a bear requires special skills and agility. Undoubtedly, the captured trophy is considered a symbol of hunting skill!

Extra charge
Cost of brown bear (1 item - 180 000 rub), additional fees. Cost of additional trophies: Maral - 180 000 (from 01.09 tо 31.12) Ibex - 150 000 (from 01.08 tо 30.11) Roe buck - 50 000 (from 25.08 tо 20.09, from 01.10 to 31.12) Black Coak - 40 000 - (from 01.06 to 28.02); Wolf- 40 000 - (year-round); Wood Grouse - 7 500 - (spring-10 days, from 29.08 to 31.12);
Hunting area
Area: 120000 hectares
Altai is a perfect place for real hunters 7 reasons to hunt in Uch-Sumer • Many animals in the area - more than 120 hectares. • Licensed guaranteed hunting. • Real hunting lodges. • Professional huntsmen. • Combination of different types of hunting. • Individual approach. You may select the hunting area, taking into account seasonality, and personal wishes. • Full range of services for beginners and professional hunters. FEEL THE REAL HEAT PURSUING A VALUABLE TROPHY TOGETHER WITH UCH-SUMER! Zone of hunting. Mountain-taiga zone. Climate. The air temperature varies depending on the season and meters above mean sea level from +25 to -28 (1000 - 3000 meters above sea level). Hunters will be ready to horseback riding, hiking.
Tungur The combination of wildlife, majesty of mountain ranges, the magnificence of transparent waters The base is located on the right bank of the Katun River, at 850 meters above sea level, 50 km from the snow-white queen of Altai - Belukha Mountain. Accommodation: hunting lodges, hotel, ails, tents, restaurant, Russian bathhouse (banya).
The approximate program of the hunting tour • Meeting at the airport (Barnaul city, Novosibirsk city, Gorno-Altaisk city). • Delivery to the base camp "Tungur" by minibus. Stop in Gorno-Altaisk city to fill the documents and pay for the tour. Accommodation, dinner, bathhouse. • In the morning - getting acquainted with the huntsmen, planning the route, adjusting. Further -departure to the place of hunting by car or horses depending on the planned route. All hunting expeditions leave the base camp "Tungur". • Hunting is carried out within a radius of 1-20 km, the duration of the tour is 7-10 days. • After getting the trophies, moving to the base camp, a festive dinner. • Further transfer to the airport (Barnaul city, Novosibirsk city, Gorno-Altaisk city), with stops for lunch. • Preparing the trophy for shipment.
Price includes
  • The service cost includes:
  • The permit on the importation and export og weapons.
  • The license to the trophy.
  • Accomodation and food at hunting camps and stations.
  • Primary treatment of trophies (boiling out horns, salting skins, delivery for chemical analysis)
  • Servicing of horse breeders and game keepers.
Price doesn't include
  • Transfer from airport to camping Tyungur.
  • There are helicopter decks at the lower and upper levels. ex-post payment for a helicopter.
  • Payment for the delivery of trophies from camping to any region, to be paid ex-post.
Payment conditions
  • Payment of service cost - 100 % during 5 days after confirmation.
  • Payment of trophy ex-post
Animal injury conditions
Wounding of an animal is 50 % of the cost of a trophy.
The deposit will not fully reterned or move to another date.
Duration: 10 days
Trophies: Extra
Hunters: 1-3
Guests: 0-5
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for 10 days
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