A spring hunt for a bear

Respublika Kareliya, Prionezhskiy district
Более 20 тысяч гектаров охотугодий.
Available: from 15.04.2020 till 15.05.2020
Best time to hunt: From 25 April
Transfer: Extra charge

The price of hunt organization includes:

The selection of a hunting area;

A huntsman’s service, instructional advice and consultation in hunting process and arms;

Escort to the place of hunting and backwards.

Extra charge
The trophy price is 60 000 rubles. The trophy price includes handling of the fell, dressing and trophy packing.
Hunting area
Area: 20000 hectares
Accommodation in recreation center "Hunter Paradise" in modern two-storeyed cottages to 5 persons. Three meals a day in a restaurant are offered.
We are situated on lake Yashezero from the eastern part of it. There are two itineraries to get to our place from Petrozavodsk. 1. Arrive at Pedaselgi, turn to the right according to the sign in the direction to Ladva, then in 17,8 km you should turn to the left along the country road in the direction to quarry Lesnoy, then to the right according to the sign Hunter Paradise 6,5km to the main camp. 2. Arrive at Shoksha and at the crossroads near the shop you should turn to the right along Shkolnya street which in its turn goes straight into Podgornya street, then turn to the right between houses 26 and 28 onto the country road and follow straight to the main camp 18 km, going through 11km to quarry Lesnoy. The distance is identical – 70km from the city.
Price includes
  • Accommodation in the hunting camps and shelters.
  • An escort by a competent hunter.
  • Trophy handling; Trophy measurement.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Russian baths.
  • The selection of a hunting area.
  • Instructional advice and consultation in hunting process and arms.
  • An escort to the place of hunting and backwards.
Price doesn't include
  • Депозит за трофей 100% стоимости трофея вносится до начала охоты, возвращается 100% стоимости трофея если животное не добыто.
  • Алкогольные напитки. Чаевые. Страховка. Спутниковая связь. Съемка с квадрокоптера.
Payment conditions
  • Разрешение на добычу и депозит 100% в течение 5 дней после бронирования тура.
  • Окончательный расчет за 5 дней до начала охоты.
Animal injury conditions
A wounded and missing animal is considered to be a trophy.
A deposit is not refundable, but it can be changed for another date by agreement with the hunting ground.
Duration: 2 days
Trophies: Extra
Hunters: 1-2
Guests: 0-5
for 2 days
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