Siberian brown bear spring hunt / Russia

Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район
Наше охот. хозяйство расположено в Республике Хакасия, Аскизский район
Available: from 15.04.2020 till 31.05.2020
Best time to hunt: depending on the weather conditions
Transfer: Included

Охота на бурого медведя на приваде, солнцепеках, с лайками

Продолжительность тура до 10 дней в зависимости от результатов охоты и договоренностей.

1-й день встреча в г. Абакане, завтрак или ужин (в зависимости от времени прибытия), переезд до базового лагеря (комфортабельная база), размещение, обед или ужин, возможна охота вблизи базы.

2-й и последующие дни тура охота, охота и еще раз охота с перерывами на завтрак, обед, ужин. В перерывах на отдых возможна рыбалка на таежных реках на хариуса. В вечернее время после охоты баня.

Последний день тура завтрак, возможна охота, переезд до г. Абакана, проводы в аэропорту. В зависимости от времени отъезда возможна экскурсия по городу Абакан или по ближайшим к городу достопримечательностям Республики Хакасия –оплачивается отдельно.

Extra charge
Siberian brown bear / 160-180 cm a 90,000 Trophy Fee Siberian brown bear / 180.10-200 cm a115 000 Trophy Fee Siberian brown bear / 200.10-240 cm a135 000 Trophy Fee Siberian brown bear / 240.10-300 cm a175 000 Trophy Fee Siberian brown bear / 300.10 cm and more a195 000 Trophy Fee
Hunting area
Area: 85325 hectares
Our hunting grounds are located almost in the center of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion on an area of 85325 hectares. More specifically the farm can be found in the picturesque southeastern part of Kuznetskiy Alatau (mountain range in South Siberia). Specificity of the place lets our guests enjoys both steppe and mountain taiga natural areas. Lots of beautiful picturesque landscapes, mountain ranges with rocky ledges and mountain valleys with numerous creeks and rivers are located here. The farm is rich in many trophy species such as brown bears, Siberian stags and roe deers, apers, wolf, wolverines and other taiga inhabitants: capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, sable, etc.
There is a comfortable house with all the needed facilities such as electricity, both hot and cold water, WC, shower, sauna (banya), satellite television. There are kitchen, dining room, living room and two bedrooms for guests. During the hunt guests can be accommodated in hunting lodges or camps.
Guests are awaited in the city of Abakan. From there guests are taken to the housing, which is 200 kilometers far. Along the route there are two places, which are sacred for native people: mountain range «Uytag» and stone sculpture «Ulug-Khurtuyakh-Tas».
Price includes
Transfer from the city of Abakan to the farm and back, transfer on the whole farm territory, accommodation, sauna (banya), food, huntsman services and also primary processing and preserving of trophies.
Price doesn't include
Transfer to the city of Abakan, Russian visa application, weapons import permission for foreign citizens (for additional payment), transfer of the trophies (for additional payment), alcohol, tobacco products, etc.
Payment conditions
  • - Deposit of 50% of the cost of the tour must be paid during 5 days since final hunt date and cost arrangements. Full price is paid 30 days before the start of the hunt.
  • - A trophy is fully paid just after killing.
Animal injury conditions
  • - If hunter did not have an opportunity to shoot or an animal was not killed only service fees are paid.
  • - If hunter missed then only service fees are paid.
  • - If an animal was wounded but not killed, then the hunt is fully paid and a trophy is half paid.
The deposit is not refundable, but date of hunt can be rescheduled.
Duration: 5 days
Trophies: Extra
Hunters: 1
Guests: 0
for 5 days
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